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Although she was recorded as having been born in North Dakota , Anderson, according to family history, was actually born just north of the . border in Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada, and the birth was recorded in Grand Forks so that she would gain . citizenship. She was later raised in Fair Oaks, California . [3] She was the daughter of country music songwriters Casey and Liz Anderson . [1] Lynn Anderson's great-grandfather was born in Aremark , Norway . [4] In later life, Anderson met her Norwegian relatives through the Norwegian TV series Tore på sporet . [3]

"You're My Man" is mainly about the narrator describing her affection for her lover, saying there is no one else in the world for her, and she wants "the whole world to know". The song's orchestral arrangements and pop-influenced sound made it a Countrypolitan recording.

Leona, a Missouri native, was inducted into the Country Music Association of Texas Hall of Fame in 1999. She was also honored with the prestigious George D. Hay Award in 2002 and was also inducted into the Missouri Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2011, Leona was with the Entertainer of the Year award by . (Reunion of Professional Entertainers). In 2012 Leona released her latest CD, "By George, It's Leona" paying homage to one of country music greatest voices, The Possum, George Jones.

Lynn Anderson - Songs My Mother WroteLynn Anderson - Songs My Mother WroteLynn Anderson - Songs My Mother WroteLynn Anderson - Songs My Mother Wrote