The cure - purple haze

Effects: The high was very quick to come up to full force. The group that I smoke with has relatively high tolerances, as do I. I can say that after all of our first hits of the bong, we were thoroughly ripped. After finishing up several sesh’s, we all felt great and very relaxed. The strong indica presence was clean and pure, having all the qualities of a great medical strain.

Grow Tip:  Shorten the last week to ten days of flower to nine hour days of light and end the round with 2-4 days of straight darkness to maximize resin production and essential oils.

Perhaps it would benefit the artist, or the designer, to remember that purple is a color that appears in small doses in nature, or is fleeting as twilight on a mountain. In those proportions it is most likely to be enjoyed by more people.

Occasionally, you may feel a little dizziness, especially when consumed in high doses. In rare cases, this may turn into a mild feeling of paranoia. The most common side effect of this hybrid is a feeling of dehydration, resulting in a case of cottonmouth, which may also be accompanied with dry eyes.

The Cure - Purple HazeThe Cure - Purple HazeThe Cure - Purple HazeThe Cure - Purple Haze