Toxic chicken - flastic fantastique

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What else is in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget? Besides corn, and to a lesser extent, chicken, The Omnivore's Dilemma describes all of the thirty-eight ingredients that make up a McNugget ­ one of which I'll bet you'll never guess. During this part of the book, the author has just ordered a meal from McDonald's with his family and taken one of the flyers available at McDonald's called "A Full Serving of Nutrition Facts: Choose the Best Meal for You."

So I just poached some breasts, but in my Sunday morning fatigue, I accidentally left that weird piece of plasticy lining that soaks up the juices in the breasts attached. So it cooked with the chicken the whole time. It seems to have emerged in tact, without having melted or anything.

Toxic Chicken - Flastic FantastiqueToxic Chicken - Flastic FantastiqueToxic Chicken - Flastic FantastiqueToxic Chicken - Flastic Fantastique